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    College Recruitment and Training Videos

    Xtreme Fastpitch – Fall 2017 Activities

    • Play in 2-3 tournaments, mostly in the Columbus area with maybe 1 being in the Cincy/Dayton or Cleveland area.
    • Practice on Sundays starting in September on weekends we are not playing.
    • Coach Jenny will help girls make a quality college recruitment video and we will edit and make changes/additions to it as we go through the season.
    • Seminar with local college and high schools coaches to get girls and parents to better understand the recruitment process and get them started on the right path of getting themselves and their information in front of the college coaches for the colleges they might be interested in.

    Xtreme Fastpitch – Winter 2017/2018 Activities

    • Participate in 1-2 college team camp type events.  We will select these once the Ohio area colleges have all of their dates set and we will pick 1 or 2 that will work best for our girls.  Looking at Akron, Kent State, Ohio Univ. and others.  These camps are usually 1 day events that will involve a mixture of College coach instruction and game play in front of College coaches.
    • Weekly hitting lessons with Jenny.  Once team is established we will look at setting up a 2nd location for hitting instruction to try and make locations beneficial for all of the girls as best as we can.
    • Weekly pitching lessons with Katie Chain-Miller in Galena, OH.  
    • Possible Indoor tournament in Jan/Feb - Will discuss with team and decide once team is finalized.

    Xtreme Fastpitch – Summer 2018 Activities

    • Play in 6-7 Tournaments.  Mostly showcase style tournaments in Columbus area such as Lasers, Buckeye Recruitfest, and GAPPS.  Will look at competing in one of the National events at end of the season.  We will discuss with team to pick one and base our Fall schedule on our selection to try and get berth wrapped up in the Fall in order to make plans for next summer.
    • Weekly practices.
    • Host our 2 tournaments.


    • We plan to setup a Live Stream of all our games thru Twitter.  We hope this to be an additional recruiting tool for the girls to send feeds to colleges that might be interested in them and make it easy for the coaches to see some game action for games they cannot physically attend.  We will also use the video to cut clips of those outstanding plays into their recruitment videos as we go thru the season.
    • Season Fee = $400 which includes all of the above including the hitting and pitching lessons.
    • We use the profits from our 2 tournaments we host to pay for a lot of the costs above and keep players costs down.

    2017/2018 - COACHES